Outdoor Learning Wales (OLW) is a national network, facilitated by Natural Resources Wales.
OLW aims to increase the understanding, appreciation and sustainable management of natural resources in relation to Wales.

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Wonderful Willow!

Monmouthshire OLW network group members took part in a hands-on, practical workshop to improve their knowledge and skills in using willow as a learning resource.

Outdoor Learning Wales October Bulletin 2017

Our beautiful and vibrant autumn is well underway leading to one of the best times of the year for outdoor learning opportunities so why not share your stories and activities by posting on our Facebook and Twitter feeds? We would love to have an snapshot of autumn learning!

Outdoor Learning Wales September 2017 Bulletin

September is always a busy month. Schools are back, children are full of stories about their summer holiday adventures, and we are all looking towards the return of autumn so let’s make the most of our outdoor time!

Outdoor Learning Wales August 2017 Bulletin

So the school summer holidays are upon us! For some of you that might mean a bit of a breathing space from “business as usual” and for others it’s the start of the busiest part of the year.