Ceredigion Outdoor Learning Wales Network Group

The Ceredigion OLW Network Group (previously called Aberystwyth) was established in 2004 with the aim of raising awareness of the natural environment and the exceptional opportunities these resource rich landscapes offer for learning in the outdoors. Ceredigion OLW is one of only two network groups working within the only UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve in Wales.

Over the course of projects the group has provided outdoor education with a 'Seed to Saw' theme. This has highlighted the important interrelationship between people, woodlands and natural resources,

In early 2012, Ceredigion OLW / FEI collaborated with Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands to deliver INSET based training for Aberystwyth and District School teachers. The project, based around the successful 'Get Involved' project piloted by the Dyfi OLW / FEI Group, delivered new approaches to woodland education, whilst connecting teachers and their schools with their nearest local woodland.

The project also served to raise awareness of the Ceredigion OLW Group and the work of the network in general.

Ceredigion OLW Group has a long history of facinating projects.

The first project consisted of six woodland sessions for Ysgol Comins Coch culminating in the design and constrution of a 'compass bench'. Every child in the school was involved. 

The next funding round focussed on repeated woodland visits. Children from both Plascrug Primary School and St.Padarns Primary in Aberystwyth engaged in woodland crafts during this time. The objective of the project was to allow the pupils to familiarise themselves with the woodland, as well as learn new skills.

The most exciting element of the project the creative element involved in the production of "Story Poles" for St Padarn, and a "Totem Pole" for the School grounds in Placrug. Although similar in creation, the theme of subject for St Padarns was a catalogue of the History of the One time convent School, along with the memories of the Year 6 Children during their time there.

Plascrug Children became familiar with the Wildlife in their local area, and the Totem pole featured Animals from the Cardigan Bay Sea Shore right up to the high reaches of the Cambrian mountain. Naturally the Iconic Top piece inviolved the creation of the Famous Red Kite, an animal the Children had previously encountered on a visit to Bwlch Nant yr Arian, in the Cambrian Mountains.

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