Outdoor Learning Wales Grant Scheme

OLW Grants specifically support the work of OLW network groups.

They provide funding for specific activities, which enhance the overall aims and objectives of OLW.

Funding limits are set annually by Natural Resources Wales where finances allow, and the scheme operates as a challenge fund.

OLW network groups can apply for funding on the proviso that they have met their annual obligations of providing a signed constitution, completed and returned the group’s administration form. Failure to provide the documents on request could result in the group being unable to access the Grant Scheme.

The grant scheme begins annually on the 1st January.

Small Grant

Currently each network group can apply annually for a Small Grant of £200 to cover group running costs, shared resources, small events, etc. This grant raises to £300 to cover group insurance.
Download the Small Grant form here.

Special Grant

Where funding allows, each network group can apply for a Special Grant.
Information on amount and theme will be made available via the website, Facebook group and Monthly Bulletin.
Download the Special Grant form here.

Project Grant

The Project Grant can be applied for by each network group at 3 points of the year:
1st February, 1st June and 1st October.

Projects must deliver against the aim and objectives of OLW and have been discussed and agreed at 2 network group meetings, involve and be fully supported by the membership of the group.

Downloadable Aim and Objectives

Projects must be discussed with the local NRW education team support officer and the National Coordinator once the group has developed their ideas to the point of application.
Please use the documents below to focus your ideas before completing the application form.

Download the Project Grant Guidance Notes here
Download the Project Planning and Assessment Toolkit here

The National Coordinator should be notified that you are planning to submit at least 2 weeks before the funding round final date to allow time for feedback.
If the project does not meet the expected requirements, OLW reserves the right to not put the application through to the next stage.

Network groups can use this printable Project Grant application form to aid planning but the final application must be submitted online via the network group’s own OLW website page. You can work on your Project Grant application until you press the submit button.

Once the application form has been submitted it will be sent for consideration to the Welsh panel. It is possible that they will have further questions about the project which you will have time to answer before a final decision is made. Decisions should be made within 1 month.

Successful applications will be notified by emailed letter.
Next Step documents will be emailed to the project leader

Download Successful Project Next Steps here
Download Project Invoice Template here
Download Press Release Template here

During the lifetime of the project the project lead is required to keep accounts showing details of the spending along with all receipts of related spending and ensure they are passed on to the group treasurer on the completion of the project.

Six months after the project has begun the project lead is required to complete a report on the delivery and outcomes of the project. If the project has not been completed, then a short interim report will be sufficient. Failure to comply can result in the network group being excluded from further future funding. OLW reserves the right to ask for the return of any underspends once the project has been completed.

Download the Final Project Report here