Outdoor Learning Training Network

What is the Outdoor Learning Training Network?

Aims and Objectives

Outdoor Learning Training Network Wales provides trainers with opportunities to work together, to continue to develop a qualification framework and to improve the quality and consistency of Outdoor Learning training by:

sharing good practice through standardisation of assessment practise and guidance notes.
• helping build training capacity through agreed channels.

Benefits of joining the Network

Sharing good practice, assessment procedures and standards.
• Sharing CPD, ideas and training.
• Receipt and development of Agored Cymru qualification and protected units.


How does it work?

Trainers who wish to deliver any of the new Agored Cymru outdoor learning qualifications, should contact either Agored Cymru, a registered Agored Centre or contact the Training Network.
If an Agored Centre is already associated with the Training Network, then the trainer will be able to access the outdoor learning qualifications that are protected by Agored Cymru, if they meet the network's training criteria.
If the trainer has not yet delivered any of the outdoor learning qualifications then Agored will direct the trainer to the Training Network where they will be required to complete an application form before access is granted to any of the following qualifications:

Level 2 – Assisting Forest or Coastal School
Level 3 - Leading Forest School, Leading Coastal School or Co-ordinating an Outdoor Curriculum    

How can I get involved with the Training Network?

The Network meets at least once a year in a location as central as possible to all in Wales. Trainers need to meet set criteria to become a member and access the current Agored Cymru Outdoor Learning Units. 
Click here for further information and guidance or email education@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk for an application form.


History of the Training Network

The current Network has grown from one which started in Wales in 2006.

For further details please access the Network Timeline