1992 FEI was established in Epping Forest (North and East of London Cluster Group)
1993/94 Launch of FEI nationally in Epping Forest by David Bellamy
  First constituted meeting of FEI
  Employment of environmental education coordinator for the FC who took on secretariat of FEI - based and working mainly in England
1995 First guidelines for regional clusters produced
1996 First dedicated FEI coordinator employed based and working mainly in England
  GB Executive Board appointed
1999 Partnership Fund set up on 1st April
2000 25 cluster groups in Britain
  First FEI Coordinator appointed in South Wales
2001 Second FEI Coordinator appointed in North Wales
  Forest School starts to become more prominent and cluster groups involvement in FS starts to increase
2003 Forestry Commission devolution to FC England, Scotland and Wales
  Woodlands for Learning Forum created in Wales (includes FEI representative and it meets annually with the education minister)
2003/2004 FEI website online
2004 Country Steering Groups developed
2005 Glossy publication of FEI annual reviews – covering GB
FEI Strategic Review
2006 GB National Executive stop meeting on a formal basis
  First online newsletter
2009 Launch of the FEI Forest School Quality Improvement Framework
2011 Full review of partnership fund and cluster group activity by Forest Research
2012 FEI England was disbanded in April and became Forest Education Network (FEN)
  20 year celebration event - Scotland
  FEI failed to re-establish commitment from the Partners, so the partnerships were dissolved leaving FC Wales and Scotland as the only funders, with Field Studies Council as a paid administrator of the grants.
2013 Forestry Commission Wales became part of Natural Resources Wales
  FEI Scotland moved in a new direction due to educational repositioning within the Scottish government.
  FEI Wales under took an options process to consider how best to accommodate current educational needs in Wales and to deliver NRW’s aim.
2014 Option chosen to rebrand to Outdoor Learning Wales and widen remit to incorporate a variety of habitats and lifelong learning opportunities.
  Outdoor Learning Wales network began on 1st April following a low key launch at the “Where do we want to be in 5 yrs time” NRW Education Conference in Abergavenny.