Network Groups

Network Groups Image
Getting down and dirty with the Cardiff group
The real work of OLW is achieved by local groups, known as network groups. OLW encourages and supports the formation of voluntary network groups at local and regional levels.

OLW network groups informally bring together individuals and organisations who want to educate others about understanding, appreciating and the sustainable use of Wales’ natural environment. Involvement is open to all those who wish to further the aims and objectives of OLW. Each OLW network group is unique, locally managed, independent and focused on their local needs.

What can Networks Group do?

Groups aim to offer members facilities to network and share best practise, access training and CPD. Members can also work together to deliver local projects that meet local needs.
OLW provides regular updates and opportunities to share your local information and events with the wider OLW community.

For example they can:

  • deliver learning opportunities on the ground, by adding value to existing projects and instigating new ones.
  • facilitate first hand education and training experiences for all ages “in and about” natural landscapes and at industrial sites linked to natural resources and products.
  • produce OLW materials and resources for use by educators across Wales.
  • provide information and advice.
  • network with other groups across Wales.
  • exclusively apply for OLW Grant Scheme funding (up to £5,000).

Starting a Network Group

The National Coordinator is available to give support and guidance with setting up and running a network. Other network groups can also be a useful source of information and advice.