Carmarthenshire Outdoor Learning Wales Network Group

Rydych nawr yn gadael awdurdod CNC – caiff y tudalennau hyn eu diweddaru a’u cynnal gan aelodau grŵp Rhwydwaith Dysgu yn yr Awyr Agored Cymru.  Nid yw CNC yn gyfrifol nag yn rheoli yr
hyn mae grwpiau rhwydwaith yn dewis ei bostio.

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Carmarthenshire OLW Network Group is a collaboration of public sector, voluntary bodies and independent organisations and individuals. We aim to increase the understanding and appreciation, particularly among young people, of the environmental, social, and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests and of the link between the tree and everyday wood products.

Network Group members currently include representatives from  University of Wales Trinity St David (Early Years Education), the National Trust, Tir Coed, Carmarthenshire Forest Schools (YCSG), as well independent people experienced in environmental play/education, permaculture, community development, marketing, project management and film making.

The group has produced a 10 minute bilingual film “Tree Planting in School Grounds”, funded through the Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnership and OLW/FEI, that explains how trees work and provides step-by-step guidance on how to plant trees.  It was shown at the National Botanic Garden of Wales during National Tree Planting Week 24th November - 1st December. It is also available as free download from You Tube:

The Network Group has been funded by the Carmarthenshire Environment Partnership for a follow on tree planting project in primary school grounds in Carmarthenshire, in ways that are genuinely sustainable to create greater awareness and interest in Tree Planting in School Grounds in all 126 Carmarthenshire Primary School and to assist 20 schools in Carmarthenshire in designing and implementing sustainable tree planting projects in their grounds. We see this as the first pilot stage of a 5 year programme of introducing sustainable tree planting to school grounds. This first stage has now been completed and a full report will be available shortly.

Members of the Network Group have also completed a very successful OLW/FEI Partnership Funded pilot project called Between Sky and Earth, Rhwng Awyr a Daear, which encourages children's greater awareness and understanding of the moving body in relationship with nature. The full report is available under 'Projects'  and downloadable Resource Cards are now available from a Dropbox shared folder.  
Recently, we have delivered projects for young people looking at careers in the outdoors, going on an archeological dig, making musical instruments from wood, and more. Our latest project aims to train adults in youth work, education and community groups to use their local spaces sustainably and safely (Yn yr Lleol Gwyllt). 
New members are most welcome.
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