Gwynedd Outdoor Learning Wales Network Group

Rydych nawr yn gadael awdurdod CNC – caiff y tudalennau hyn eu diweddaru a’u cynnal gan aelodau grŵp Rhwydwaith Dysgu yn yr Awyr Agored Cymru.  Nid yw CNC yn gyfrifol nag yn rheoli yr
hyn mae grwpiau rhwydwaith yn dewis ei bostio. 

You are now leaving the jurisdiction of NRW – these pages are updated and maintained by Outdoor Learning Wales Network group members.  NRW does not control and is not responsible for what network groups choose to post.

Gwynedd OLW Network Group was originally Hadau ("Seeds") which was the first FEI Cluster group in North Wales forming late in 2000 to serve the north west area of Wales.  The Hadau group disbanded and the Gwynedd FEI Cluster group was established in its place in August 2010, evolving into the OLW Network Group in 2014.  

Meetings are held bi-monthly between Penrhyn Castle at 10am and Treborth Botanic Garden at 4pm.  New members are always welcome.

The group has funded Forest Schools training for two individuals who will be delivering Forest Schools projects in Gwynedd.  It has supported Mantel of the Expert training for outdoor educators and Twilight Sessions for teachers.  These sessions were designed to encourage educators to use outdoor spaces and the natural world as a basis for learning and development.  The group has recently celebrated the opening of the Wales Coast Footpath at Treborth .    .  .  .      .        .     BGB Botanic Garden, Bangor, and is currently supporting the Wild Roof in the Woods project based at the National Trust's Penrhyn Castle. 

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