Torfaen Outdoor Learning Wales Network Group

Rydych nawr yn gadael awdurdod CNC – caiff y tudalennau hyn eu diweddaru a’u cynnal gan aelodau grŵp Rhwydwaith Dysgu yn yr Awyr Agored Cymru.  Nid yw CNC yn gyfrifol nag yn rheoli yr
hyn mae grwpiau rhwydwaith yn dewis ei bostio. 

You are now leaving the jurisdiction of NRW – these pages are updated and maintained by Outdoor Learning Wales Network group members.  NRW does not control and is not responsible for what network groups choose to post.

Torfaen OLW network group is an active group with members from a variety of backgrounds all with an interest in environmental education. 


Members benefit from:

  • Sharing good ideas and networking
  • Finding out about free services and opportunities within the county
  • Advice on using the outdoors for learning and improving school grounds
  • Information on Forest Schools
  • Funding opportunities and network projects

New members are welcome to attend Torfaen OLW Network Group meetings. To find out when the next meeting is or for further information, please contact:

You can also join the 'Outdoor Learning Wales' group on facebook.