Vale of Glamorgan Outdoor Learning Wales Network Group

Rydych nawr yn gadael awdurdod CNC – caiff y tudalennau hyn eu diweddaru a’u cynnal gan aelodau grŵp Rhwydwaith Dysgu yn yr Awyr Agored Cymru.  Nid yw CNC yn gyfrifol nag yn rheoli yr
hyn mae grwpiau rhwydwaith yn dewis ei bostio.

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The Vale of Glamorgan Network Group formed in 2005. The group meets regularly during term time. These meetings are a great opportunity to make suggestions for locating resources and to share ideas and problems relating to outdoor learning and Forest School.

The group organised an INSET day at Cog Moors on outdoor education in their first year and hope to be able to do more of this.

They also had a very successful project in partnership with Theatre Iolo called Words in the Woods. This involved working with actors to create characters for the nursery and reception children to visit and interact with. They were then engaged in story telling activities back in the classroom. For more information on this please see Theatr Iolo's website 

Most recently the group have staged their own Woodland Olympics with events such as Javelin, Woodland leap, and a scavenger hunt relay. The teams were made up of representatives from 5 schools and named after ancient greek states. Congratulations to the Athenians who took the gold medal.

The latest project 'Tales of Driftwood' has also been completed. Once again, working with Theatr Iolo, it was the year 2 children's turn to come out to the woods. Everyone involved was astounded by the quality of work produced by the children back in the classroom. Look out for the final report coming soon to find out all the details.

New members are welcome to attend The Vale of Glamorgan OLW Network Group meetings.

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