Ynys Mon Outdoor Learning Wales Network Group

Seed to saw

A new and exciting pilot project to be run by Coed Cymru and SyrcasCircus in Coed Llwynonn, Llanfairpwll.

Participants will be shown how a tree seed can be developed and grown to produce timber to be turned into buildings. This will be done through a series of talks, demonstrations and workshops.

We will be running sessions for schools during summer term and families during the summer.

Further information will follow.

Woodland management skills

February 2012

Syrcas- Circus a member of the Ynys Mon cluster group have just been successful in getting an Engagement Gateway project grant. This will help them restore a negelected woodland and train "economically inactive" people of all ages in woodland activities. To book a place, get further information or volunteer to help, please contact James on 07721 687905 or james@syrcas-circus.co.uk


February 2007

Match funded by the islands Health Alliance this pilot project took place in two schools to provide basic and natural shade where children congregated to learn and play. Children were able to observe the effect of the changing seasons on their structure which will continue to be a useful and fun resource for years to come. Those involved gained ownership by designing the structures and partaking in the planning and maintenance. The image of their local environment and wildlife was enhanced helping them to gain respect for their local surroundings reduce issues such as antisocial behaviour and gorse fires. The project funded a co-ordinator to plan, construct and maintain the structures whilst training school staff, pupils and members of the community to take ownership and ensure sustainability. Local gardening groups assisted to create an intergenerational interaction between children and older members in the community.

The project will be made available to other schools on Ynys Môn/Anglesey through the provision of a resource pack (available on the FEI website), locally available willow and local knowledge gained during the pilot.

Tunnicliffe's Birds of the Dingle booklet

Series of reproductions of Charles Tunnicliffe's paintings from the collection hald at Oriel Ynys Mon.

See downloads - available from the cluster group at cost.

With permission on the Tunnicliffe Estate.

Dingle Woodland Education Pack

June 2006

The Dingle Woodland Education pack is an educational resource package based around The Dingle and Nant y Pandy Local Nature Reserve. With non site specific activites, this resource can be used all over the island.

Walking Festival

The project grew out of the existing festival on the island

Walking Festival Final Report

Your Local Wildlife Needs You

The project aimed to increase the knowledge of biodiversity by taking pupils into nature to explore this. We encouraged sustainability by helping schools develop their own grounds for wildlife and growing food. Pupil gained insight into the benefits from being outside without being told about this but by simply being outside during these sessions.