Natural Resources Wales’ Education, Learning and Sector Skills Team

Natural Resources Wales’ Education, Learning and Sector Skills Team Image
Natural Resources Wales will be changing its Education offer from September

As an organisation we will shortly be changing our education offer significantly, and I would like to explain some of the context and describe how we will work in the future.

Public sector budgets are reducing and NRW is currently reviewing all areas of our business, with the aim of ensuring that we're concentrating our efforts in the best places and making sure that we are fit for the future. Whilst we realise that the education team has a long track history of excellent work, we now believe we need to become more strategic. We know this involves some very difficult decisions for the Education Service we are providing now. 

From September, our new approach will see NRW moving from directly delivering education services to schools and colleges. The emphasis will shift further to influencing and advising decision makers; engaging strategically across Wales and developing opportunities to work with some of our partners.

This means that we will no longer lead educational visits on our land, but rather will help partners, such as yourselves, to use our land and educational resources. Our aim is to promote understanding of the sustainable management of our natural resources, by offering policy advice, support and guidance to groups and networks such as yourselves.

Our new arrangements for education will be in place by this autumn and we will be in touch with you then to develop how we take this work forward together.

I would like to thank you for your support over the past years – both to NRW and its predecessor organisations. Should you wish to discuss any of these changes, please do get in touch with