Orienteering Training with Newport OLW Network Group

Orienteering Training with Newport OLW Network Group Image
On a slightly damp Saturday morning in May, members of the Newport Outdoor Learning Wales network group (and some of our friendly OLW neighbours!) were joined at Charles Williams Church in Wales School in Caerleon by Ian Kennett from Gwent Outdoor Centres for a hands on British Orienteering course.

The group were keen to develop their map reading and orienteering skills and to understand how to teach these life skills to children and young people within the community so the  ‘Teaching Orienteering Part 1’ course was a great way to  spend the day!

Through games which could be used with children, the group learnt some of the symbols used on orienteering maps, and using cones they set up some simple courses on the playground that could be used to introduce orienteering to children.

As Charles Williams School had been used for orienteering previously, they then set up and tried out various types of courses that involved the group using the whole school grounds.

All the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and comments included, “It was a great day – I learnt a lot!”, and just the week after the course - “I have already done the cone activity with my class and they loved it!”

A big thanks to Ian and his colleague James from Gwent Outdoor Centres for taking the group through the course, and to OLW for providing the funding which enabled us to pay them!