Puppets and Storytelling in Caerphilly

Puppets and Storytelling in Caerphilly Image
Members of the Caerphilly OLW group spent their small grant recently to fund a fantastic ‘Puppets and Storytelling’ workshops at Parc Penalltau led by the very talented Ben Sands.

The first workshop introduced everyone to different puppets and they brought all sorts of characters to life, from simple snails created from nothing more than eyes drawn onto hands, to a more complex life size, multi-person walking lion! 

Everyone was encouraged to think about important features and characteristics of different animals. For example, the way a bird takes off into flight, the way an animal walks, whether a creature is constantly moving and looking around or is slow moving and tentatively coming out of it's hiding place - wonderful links for minibeast hunts, adaptations, pond dipping activities etc. 

A special outdoor reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with excellent additional resources inspired the whole group to think about how to enhance stories currently being read back at school. 

At the second workshop, the group had the opportunity to actually create their own puppets for their chosen story books with Ben’s support.
The puppets made by network group members include: a spider, a bee, Stickman, a bird and lots of African animals and they are all doing an excellent job of bringing stories to life back at school!