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Cynlluniau thematig a syniadau am wersi ar sail 'Geiriau Diflanedig'

Created by OLW Wales | Published 11.25.19

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Talacre Then and Now Final Project Report

Created by Impio OLW | Published 11.12.19

This project forms the educational element of a bigger ‘Talacre Then and Now’ project that will be led by Flintshire Countryside Service. 

World War 2 is a key period in the history of Talacre with many evacuees escaping the bombing in Liverpool to stay in simple huts built in the dunes. The war was heard & seen in the skies above them with dog fights and views of the bombing of Liverpool across the water. The dunes and beach were used for Spitfire training.

Several pillboxes and beach landing defences covered the beaches in case of enemy invasion. As a result of the target practice and occasional dogfight overhead, the beaches were littered with spent ammunition and they can still be found today. The remains of pill boxes and rows of larch posts, originally put in to deter gliders from landing, can still be seen but coastal erosion and weather is taking their toil on these items and they will soon disappear.

Talacre dunes with its visible history provides an exciting place to teach WW2 history for local schools.

The project delivered an activity programme for local KS2 pupils, using on site visits to Talacre as the starting point for study of the impact of WW2 on their local area.



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Yn y Gwyllt Lleol Project Final Report

Created by Carmarthenshire OLW | Published 11.12.19

The project delivered 3 adult training full day sessions for students, community members, teaching staff and childcare workers in 3 different ecological locations: the seaside, the woods and school grounds. 

Trainees had the opportunity to develop key skills in:

1. Linking outdoor activities to curricular / development aims
2. Understanding how to undertake a risk assessment and risk/benefit analysis.
3. Using the natural environment sustainably, including ecological impact, species identification and Sustainable Development Goals
4. How use of natural spaces is linked to restorative, health and wellbeing objectives, in light of current research and ACEs.
5. What quality outdoor learning and play looks like in practice focussing on the Rights of the Child, incorporated into Sustainable Development Goals


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Thematic plans and lesson ideas based on ‘The Lost Words: A Spell Book’

Created by OLW Wales | Published 09.17.19

A Teaching Toolkit to support the Early Years curriculum in Wales by students studying the Early Years degree at the University of South Wales; edited by Pavla Boulton.

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Cynlluniau gweithgareddau'r 6 Maes Dysgu a Phrofiad, Dysgu yn yr Awyr Agored Impio.

Created by OLW Wales | Published 05.02.19

Cynlluniau gweithgareddau'r 6 Maes Dysgu a Phrofiad, Dysgu yn yr Awyr Agored Impio.

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