Between Sky and Earth/Rhwng Awyr a Ddaear. RESOURCE CARDS

Created by Carmarthenshire OLW | Published 02.05.13


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Between Sky and Earthis a project with children where we support movement & sensory play and encourage experiential learning about the body and the environment, the individual, and the community of more-than-human beings.

Together we use our imaginations and explore how we are made of and governed by the same elements that are present in the woodland, in the ancient and new creatures who live there, all around us. We are in the learning mode which is called kinaesthetic; doing, action & natural discovery. We follow and observe the children’s findings.

Each session has an overall theme, a part of our developmental story.


Between Sky and Earth was planned as a ten-session pilot with the following session themes:

  1. The Cell – structural building block of all life
  2. Skin – the ‘envelope’ that contains and protects
  3. Fish Body – moving out from the core
  4. Fluids – transportation and transformation
  5. Reptile Body – out of water onto earth
  6. Bones – rocks, bones and precious stones, our mineral body
  7. Muscles – our muscles move us and speak to us
  8. Air and Breath – our vital relationship with air
  9. Nervous System and Brain – The body-mind dialogue.
  10.  Life Cycles – birth and death, decay and renewal