FEI GB 20 Years Interactive Quiz Question 8

Created by FEI Admin Scotland | Published 05.03.12

Question 8:

Each of the tasks has been based on an FEI project or resource.

  1. Which FEI cluster was snapping wood?
  2. Where would you find a QR code in the woods?
  3. How many primary schools were making music in the woods in Lanarkshire?


  1. Name that Tune - Based on Musical Tree Tour - Lanarkshire FEI

First major partnership project of Lanarkshire FEI, involving 10 Primary schools and 4 community groups in North and South Lanarkshire making, and learning to tune and play, xylophones from green wood.  A further project was developed to ensure continued use of and musical creativity associated with xylophones in the local schools and communities. 

2. How big is that Tree? - FEI Scotland Resource - Tree Measuring

This is a new series of  downloadable resource information sheets introducing Tree Measuring 123. Tree Measuring 1 is approx for ages 5 to 8 years. Tree Measuring 2 is approx for ages 8 to 11 years. Tree Measuring 3 is  approx for ages 11 to 16 years. These have been produced by FEI Scotland in March 2011. 

3. Name that Knot - Based on Dyfi FEI Resource Pack

Members of the Dyfi Forest Education Initiative Cluster Group created this resource pack as a way of sharing their expertise and woodland knowledge to empower Key Stage 2 and 3 teachers to use local woodland as a teaching resource. The activities were delivered to a year 6 class from St Padarn’s Primary School in Ceredigion and a year 7 class from Tywyn Secondary School in Gwynedd.

4. Name that tree - Based on Woodsnappers project - Glasgow FEI

Woodsnappers’ was a six month project introducing young people from 4 Glasgow schools, of all ages and abilities, to the outdoors and woodland in particular.   Participants were introduced to tree species and associated communities of plants and animals, and their ecology, history, folklore and management. Skills associated with using digital cameras were developed - empowering young people to record their images as a purposeful scientific record, or for creative purposes.

5.  Loop the Hoop - Based on Wooden Games - North East Scotland FEI

Wooden games was a project partnership between North East Scotland FEI and Tayside FEI. A series of large scale wooden games were designed and made and used for community and school activities.

6. Willow Wonder - Based on Willow project – Neath Port Talbot/Anglesey FEI   2007/8

The main aim of the project was to:

  • Provide training for parents, teachers and children in communities.
  • Promote skills & enthusiasm for woodland studies
  • Promote respect for the environment
  • Promote interest in traditional sustainable wood crafts & skills
  • Provide opportunities for intergenerational working
  • Build wider partnerships between community groups, schools and individuals
  • Develop a resource accessible for further studies.

 7. Chain Game - Goytre Wharf Literacy Trail – Monmouthshire FEI  

Question/Task: Chain game

 8. North East Scotland FEI Cluster Group working with Mackie Academy in Dunnoter Woods – QR code interpretive project




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