IMPIO LIME Looking Into Mineral Extraction

Created by OLW Wales | Published 06.21.12

The LIME project has brought together the history of woodland management, coppicing, charcoal production and sustainable timber usage with local mineral exploitation. The link between these 2 industries arose between the local ash woodlands and the lime kilns without either the evolution of the Flintshire villages and towns would be very different. This industrialisation of these woodlands, which would appear to be a threat, meant that the woodlands where in fact greatly valued and many wooded areas were conserved to provide a continuous timber supply for both charcoal and pit props.

LIME was a 12-month Forest School project with 10 primary schools and 4 High schools taking part. Providing the teenagers with an opportunity to develop their social skills by integrating with the primary aged school children, and also gaining OCN level 1 certificate in Forest School.

A handbook for the project has been produced which will allow the schools to run this project in following years with their pupils.