Science in Cycles Final Project Report

Created by Dyfi FEI 2 | Published 05.27.15

Dyfi OLW network group delivered a project called "Science in Cycles."

Science in Cycles was an exciting project delivered by Dyfi OLW Network Group. It was made up of a series of  sessions which looked in detail at a particular natural cycle or pattern and its place within the natural world and its interplay with other cycles.

The last sessions brought all the cycles together and looked at interrelationship, that of the natural cycles themselves and also the impact that we as humans have upon them.

The emphasis of the project was upon the fact that we ourselves are a part of each cycle – either deeply affected by it (as by the seasons, for example) or directly a part of it, as we are a part of the water cycle, which was the cycle that we began with, back in May, 2014.

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