Yn y Gwyllt Lleol Project Final Report

Created by Carmarthenshire OLW | Published 11.12.19

The project delivered 3 adult training full day sessions for students, community members, teaching staff and childcare workers in 3 different ecological locations: the seaside, the woods and school grounds. 

Trainees had the opportunity to develop key skills in:

1. Linking outdoor activities to curricular / development aims
2. Understanding how to undertake a risk assessment and risk/benefit analysis.
3. Using the natural environment sustainably, including ecological impact, species identification and Sustainable Development Goals
4. How use of natural spaces is linked to restorative, health and wellbeing objectives, in light of current research and ACEs.
5. What quality outdoor learning and play looks like in practice focussing on the Rights of the Child, incorporated into Sustainable Development Goals


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