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Radnorshire OLW Outdoor Storytelling Chairs Final Project Report

Created by Radnorshire FEI | Published 06.01.17

The project involved six local primary schools, working closely with one teacher from each school as a named project contact.

Each school received a new wooden storytelling chair to enhance their outdoor learning area.

Six resource packs were produced by the schools involved to support outdoor teaching and learning using the storytelling chairs.

To enhance the project, a local writer was commissioned to deliver a storytelling workshop to each school to give further teaching and learning support to use their new chair for outdoor learning.

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Go Outdoors

Created by Montgomeryshire OLW | Published 03.23.16

Montgomeryshire OLW Network group designed an eight session long training programme to up skill local group leaders, workers and volunteers  in a range of outdoor arts and practical  skills based activities to deliver  an outdoor curriculum to  their groups , pupils

Topics covered include: Greenwood Garden,  Wildlife in Willow , Nature Art and Spaces, Magpie Arts, Storytelling and mapping , Dark Arts –In the night Garden , Watery Worlds, Home Sweet Home – bug and bird homes . Sixty eight people ranging from 18yrs to 70 yrs attended




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Where My Writing Takes Me

Created by South Powys OLW | Published 03.02.16

A resource produced as part of a project by South Powys OLW group aimed at developing literacy outside

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Coed Wern Project Final Report

Created by Radnorshire FEI | Published 11.25.15

The ancient woodland of Coed Wern showed potential for being an ideal setting for outdoor learning activities. The project allowed for the low impact development of the site, the purchase of tools, equipment, materials, transport and teaching for two school groups & a community group.The project participants were involved in planning, designing and construction of the site, including building low impact structures such as a compost loo and wood store.

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Forest Playgroup Final Project Report

Created by Dyfi FEI 2 | Published 09.24.15

A project by Dyfi OLW network group to encourage parents and playgroup leaders to use the natural environment for learning using the Steiner approach

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